Season 3, Issue 4: Cosmic Staggering Tortoises

Aiming for the moon

1. Weekly Studio Update

Hello. We're going to try doing this newsletter thing regularly. The ambitious goal is to write you a lovely letter every week. Aim for the moon, right? But wait, if you aim for the moon, how in this physical world can you possibly hit a star by accident?

Speaking of aiming for the moon, we started Project Cosmic Maelstrom this week. I told you I'd say more in our last newsletter, and here's me keeping the promise: Cosmic Maelstrom is our fancy name for our plan to spend the rest of the year exploring ideas and making prototypes (Barry wrote a lovely blog post about this).

This week Barry kicked off a cosmic prototype, Arun put up a Lab page on our website, James has been exploring an idea about ideas and managed to add a search functionality to Ponder with Lettini (who has been working on the Ponder homepage), Patrick has been reading Reddit, and I've been drawing turtles tortoises. ––SL


2. Songs of the Week

James asked if we can include this song in this newsletter so that’s what I’m doing. Why, James? He said:

This is what happens when, late at night, you ask yourself the question “whatever happened to Gotye?“. You click a few links, you watch a live performance of that song, notice Kimbra doing a funny dance and being way more involved in the music than you expected, so you click a few more links, and then blam, one of the cores of your brain processor is locked for a week playing a handful of her songs.

And Lettini responded with this song that’s been stuck in his head.

3. “This is absolutely staggering!”

Another recommendation from James (this one I approve of): a 25-minute video of a Brit solving a Sudoku with just two numbers.

The Miracle Sudoku

James: “It's a slow burn about a very nerdy thing, but there's something universally joyful about watching someone smart getting their mind blown.”

The video is mesmerizing and made me want to play Sudoku again (if you do, the fine folks at Good Enough recommend Good Sudoku).

4. In Conclusion

We leave you with a piece of good enough wisdom Barry found on Mastodon, which isn’t Twitter.

@asmartbear Wisdom

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous week ahead.