The Lab

We like to make things that are fun.
Or good. Or good enough.
This is where we put those things, kind of like a museum.


A pretty good blogging platform that makes blogging easy and beautiful. Hop in and start writing for yourself. Barry did. Why don’t you?


A simple, well-designed contact form on the web. Give people a great experience getting in touch with you, and stop giving out your personal email address.


Host your stupid simple websites the stupid easy way. Getting your site on the internet is as fast and easy as drag-and-drop-ing some HTML files. Yay! Boo!

The Good Enough Guestbook

We have a little thermal printer hooked up to the internet, and you can send us a drawing, if you’d like (would you please?).

Album Whale

A social platform where you can make beautiful lists of albums and discover new music through other beautiful lists. Let’s bring back albums. And whales.


A quiet place for you and your group to talk on the internet. Most group chat apps are too overwhelming and distracting. Ponder is a new type of forum designed for slow, thoughtful discussion.

Quack (Beta)

A simple utility for you to share a beautifully rendered version of any markdown text. Also an excuse for us to draw a duck.


A simple calendar and logbook for your daily practice, whatever that may be. Choose what you want to do every day, and we’ll help you stick to it.