We are Good Enough

Arun, Barry, James, Matthew, Patrick, Shawn, and ChatGPT
Are Good Enough (LLC).
   You’re good enough, too.
   We hope you are well.

Welcome to our Internet homepage.
Here is where you’ll find
   That we are everywhere else.

We hope that is okay.
We hope our absence
   Makes you fonder.

We hope you DoEvery.Day
   And listen to the Album Whale
   And Ponder your very existence.

We imagine a world
   Where you have the faintest interest
   In A Good Enough Lab.
   In A Good Enough Blog.
   In A Good Enough Newsletter.

We apply our © Good Enough (LLC)
   To this basic page
   First published in 2022.

Please stay in touch.
You’re welcome.