A Good Enough Job Posting

Senior Developer - JavaScript

(Thank you for your interest, but we have already hired someone for this role and the job is no longer available.)

Good Enough is a small studio making the web a little more interesting by putting in some effort. We’re not out to change the world, we just want to dent a few things. We’re a self-funded team that intends to remain small. Going public is not interesting to us. Rather we have a simple five-year goal to build a self-sustaining business.

Our team is and will be populated with experienced, adult humans who simply want to do good work. We talk politely to each other while putting in a solid week. We’re not a cult or a family; we just enjoy building great software!

Do you think you fit?

We might be happy working together if you get a kick out of seeing an idea become real. We might work well together if you need this act of creation to lead a fulfilling life. We might fit nicely if you occasionally have product ideas and you love to riff on the ideas of others.

Good Enough has no recurring meetings, one-on-ones, or corporate management. You are free to get to work with a supportive team that helps answer questions. It’s kind of like a startup, but without the stress of long hours and monster projects.

We are a remote team. You have succeeded working remotely in the past, and you have a suitable environment from which to do that work. Writing is worth the effort to you because you want to present your thoughts clearly to others.

You are able to work in the United States. We’re a small company and we don’t have the time to navigate the employment paperwork for non-US employees.

And of course you have a depth of experience with JavaScript and front-end development:

  • You’ve worked with many JavaScript libraries and frameworks.
  • You make judicious use of those libraries, preferring to keep it simple when possible.
  • You have learned to successfully navigate the performance and complexity trade-offs of JavaScript libraries.
  • You have at least ten years of experience building websites that support thousands of customers.
  • You are often able to reach into backend systems to make changes you require to keep on task.
  • You feel comfortable jumping between multiple applications.
  • You like the “make it work, make it pretty, make it fast” mantra.
  • You enjoy learning new things.
  • Maybe you even have some comfort writing Ruby and Rails code?

Shall we work together?

Before we make it official, we would like to work on one or two projects together on a contract basis. With our small team, we feel that it’s very important to make sure all of us feel like we will work well together.

If we all agree that doing internet together is a good idea, we’ll set to it. You will primarily be:

  • Building software with JavaScript, but you’ll also be touching Ruby on Rails as needed.
  • Advising the team on which libraries and frameworks best apply to the products we are building.
  • Developing the ideas, tools, and shared code that we’ll use throughout our various products.
  • Helping our team keep accessibility in mind.
  • Responsible for building resilient software.
  • Analyzing the role native app frameworks such as React Native will have in serving mobile applications for our products.
  • Helping to fix things when they break. Sometimes accidents happen and the phone will ring so we can rally together to fix downtime. That’s okay with you so long as it isn’t a frequent event!

We will provide:

  • Profit sharing
  • Time off throughout the year, including a one-month summer vacation and winter holiday
  • Health care benefits
  • A small team of respectful, adult humans
  • Interesting work
  • No managers

At this time we are not able to provide the breadth of benefits that a larger company could provide. We have basic funding for the next five years, but we are also trying to limit our expenditures of time and money.

We should say more about the profit sharing bit. As Good Enough succeeds, so will you. As a year-one, core team member, you will share in profits in equal measure to the co-founders. Once the business generates enough revenue to pay its expenses, and saves that same amount of money in the bank, profit sharing will begin to pay out to the core team semi-annually. While there is no guarantee that this will come to pass, we believe with the right people we can make it happen!

If this sounds good to you, write us to apply. (We have already hired someone for this role and the job is no longer available.)