TLDNR: If you have an interest in Good Enough succeeding, we need your help! Telling friends, shouting on socials, and sharing links to our stuff with your favorite influencers–all of these things will help Good Enough succeed and continue making amazing stuff!

As we’ve been trying to spread the word on some of our recent product efforts, we’ve spent some time considering advertising. Ooo, advertising, I know! Hear me out!

Our goal with products like Pika, Letterbird, and Yay.Boo is to build something that has value to regular people trying to make their way on the internet. While it’s pretty common to rail against capitalism, commerce itself isn’t by definition a bad thing. We want to provide a service, charge a fair price, and hopefully our customers will get a value commensurate with that price. Win-win!

The problem is that advertising is not happy math for small businesses like us and the fair-priced indie products we build. Costs-per-click prices are high, and we’re competing with large players and pockets for eyeballs.

We believe Pika and all of our products to be pretty good, and over time we feel that they will continue growing and continue being valuable to those that use them. But we also need to generate revenue a little more quickly than that in order to keep our lovely team building and maintaining these products for the long term.

Most of the team is currently working on a big effort to build a better way for teams to have customer conversations. Since it is a team-based product, while fair, the price will definitely be larger than the cost of an annual Pika Pro plan. We’re very excited to share this product with you as we think it fills a definite need, and we also believe it will go a long way to helping our bottom line.

But/And we’d also like to get our indieweb sort of products in the hands of people who would enjoy them. This is where you come in. We would greatly appreciate it if you helped to spread the word about any and all of the Good Enough products that you love. You could:

  • Tell your daughter that you’d really like her to blog because you think it’d be a great way to process all of those very interesting thoughts she’s been having – oh, and here’s
  • Share links to your contact form on socials
  • Get your HTML on, make a weird page at Yay.Boo, and share it all over the place
  • Share links on socials to one of your favorite blog posts (that hopefully happens to be written on Pika 😉)
  • Collectively flood your favorite influencers with Good Enough blog posts, products, or things created with Good Enough tools (e.g. Robin Sloan, Own Your Web, We’re Here, Dense Discovery, etc)
  • Post the links that you enjoy to Reddit, Hacker News, etc
  • Make some Album Whale lists already
  • Blog!

I’ll admit, it feels uncomfortable to ask for you to use your energy in this way. However, I firmly believe that the way out of the swampy internet in which we find ourselves is for us all to just start, well, speaking up. That means writing our thoughts in a place that we control, sharing the things we like, and letting others know that, not only is there still cool stuff on the internet, but that they can be part of the cool part of the internet.

We gotta put a little money where our mouth is. We gotta put a little mouth where our mouth is. Let’s go!