Season 1, Issue 3: Fool Me Three Times

Can't Get Fooled Again

This will be a short one. Barry’s summer vacation has started, and Shawn is deflated after the Warr…iors... sob… It’s just one game, right?

1. No One Likes a Giveaway

A pickle
Who doesn’t love a good pickle?

Well that didn’t happen. There were no entries to last week’s giveaway. If you recall the rules were (1) tell someone about this newsletter and (b) leave a comment saying as much. As my mother-in-law says to me literally every time I see her, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” —BH

2. MRSHAWNLIU’S Zine Workshop!

The zine workshop happened, and I’m happy to tell you that I didn’t chicken out at the last minute. Good (enough) job, Shawn. A hundred people showed up on Zoom, but because I couldn’t see their faces or hear their voices, it felt like I was talking to a room of five people.

Before the workshop I thought I’d make a joke about having a puke bag near me, and I thought, huh, is there a gallery of airline puke bags on the internet?

puke bag
Good Clean Flying

Well, the internet wins, again. Not only are there galleries of puke bags, but there’s even an Air Sickness Bags Appreciation Society. —SL

2. Carrying a Notebook

Look at the word “carrying”… isn’t it weird? I think it’s weird.

I’m trying to break the habit of looking at my phone whenever I have a spare moment. One activity that feels productive, but contributes to that habit, is tapping down to-dos or other notes on the phone. To avoid this I am trying to carry a notebook. I use the notebook to jot down these random thoughts and tasks such that I can put them into my electronic systems when I sit down at a computer.

pocket notebook

Where do you carry such a thing? The notebook is small and fits perfectly in my back pocket. For me it is hard to commit to carrying the notebook and a writing utensil this way without feeling like I’m damaging the book or risking an ink explosion. And I’m always worried about the wallet problem. I’ve tried wearing shirts with a pocket in which I can plop the notebook and pen, but I do get comments about the nerd factor. I think where this is going is a uniform of pocketed shirts and not caring what people think. What do you do? —BH

3. End of School

This week saw the last day of school for my children. One of them graduates tonight. No, I’m not crying, I’m fine, get away from me, bye.

walk to school

No school means new routines. I would like this to be a summer where neither I nor my kids lay in bed for 30-120 minutes staring at our phones before we get up to take on the day. It’s a bad habit I’ve passed on to my children and it’s time for it to end. At the very least maybe we read a book for an hour before rolling out. A smart person would consider starting the day with exercise. Hmm… —BH

4. That is all

Here’s a video of a walking popcorn Barry found on Twitter. Enjoy. And let’s hope the Warriors get their mojo back on Sunday!