Season 1, Issue 2: Just the Two of Us

Building big castles way on high

0. Everyone Likes a Giveaway

Stick around to hear how you can win a fabulous prize by hardly doing anything. Take it away, fellas…

1. Still Positive

Covid Positive

Did you know that once you acquire COVID-19 your PCR test can be positive for up to 90 days? Did you know that the at-home tests can also be positive for up to 90 days? So if you’re ever trapped in your bedroom hoping to get an early exit for, say, your daughter’s massive graduation party, don’t think you can negative test your way out of there. The bouncer will not (or should not) accept your ticket and will turn you away. —BH

2. Let’s Make a Zine

Our fifth grader complained of a stomach bug this past Sunday, and later that day I started feeling the same discomfort, which lingered all week. That’s my excuse for being unproductive. On top of that, my mind is on a zine workshop I’m hosting through Creative Morning’s FieldTrips.

Let's make a zine
Such charisma.

I’m terrified of and stressed out about the workshop because I don’t enjoy speaking in front of an audience. But I’m going through with it precisely because I’m uncomfortable and I’ve never done a thing like it, and I think I want to show people how to make a zine (it’s easy and it’s fun and I love zines!). So we’ll see if I cancel last minute or not. —SL

3. Wong Show

This is totally wild to me. Cory Wong (of Vulfpeck and the state of Minnesota) has this … show, I guess where they do some humor, play a couple songs, and he interviews a musician. Is this just for YouTube? I dunno. I'm confused.

Anyway, I watched the episode with Nate Smith (drummer) and it was super interesting. The song and comedy is apparently just intro for the interview portion because at about 19 minutes it's interview the rest of the way through for 35 minutes. A detailed, musical interview.

I enjoyed everything about this. —BH

4. NBA Finalist, Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins dunks over Luka Doncic

The dunk. —SL

5. Roger Angell

Roger Angell
Roger Angell, 1920—2022

I feel bad that I did not really know of Roger Angell, who died last week at the lovely age of 101. It appears he was a spectacular writer that happened to spill most of his ink on the sport of baseball. A few lines from this article really struck me.

I grew up listening to the Minnesota Twins on the radio fairly religiously. Many a night I would keep score while listening – I still have the scorebooks to prove it. Angell explains the appeal to my mathematical, list-making mind:

A box score is a precisely etched miniature of the sport itself, for baseball, in spite of its grassy spaciousness and apparent unpredictability, is the most intensely and satisfyingly mathematical of all our outdoor sports. Every player in every game is subjected to a cold and ceaseless accounting; no ball is thrown and no base is gained without an instant responding judgment—ball or strike, hit or error, yea or nay—and an ensuing statistic.

And check out this sick, Hanlon’s-razoresque burn of Howard Cosell:

Mr. Cosell has been a long-term disparager of baseball, which he considers to be old-fashioned and draggy, but it became clear within the first inning or two of the first game that his handicap was not prejudice but lack of knowledge

It makes me wonder: If there is only one thing I ever read by Roger Angell, what should it be? —BH

6. How Not to Kill Your Husband

The 71-year-old romance novelist was convicted of killing her husband––but, let’s be clear, the prosecutors had only circumstantial evidence.

Roger Angell

What makes this such a compelling story is that Ms. Brophy once wrote a blogpost titled How to Murder Your Husband (which has been taken down but I found an archive), in which she discussed the pros and cons of the different murder methods (guns, knives, hiring a hitman, etc). For example, on guns:

Loud, messy, require some skill. If it takes 10 shots for the sucker to die, either you have terrible aim or he’s on drugs.

(If we were to believe the prosecutors, Ms. Brophy ended up using a handgun. Not sure how many shots were fired.)

Moral of the story: don’t blog about killing your spouse. (And also, maybe don’t murder people.) —SL

7. Face of the Week

a photoshop of Bison and Sweetums

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