Issue 0: Collector's Item

Subtitles are for amateurs.

1. Oh, hello.

We didn’t see you there. How are you doing?

You’ve somehow ended up with a collector’s item in your hands: the very first Good Enough Newsletter. This is the beginning of what we (Barry Hess & Shawn Liu) hope to be a years-long series of communiqués with our rabid fans. We call our fans rabid because there are so few of them. Animals might roam in packs, but rabid animals? Well, they’re usually out on their own, attacking innocent bystanders.


(Our fans wouldn’t attack anyone, though, would they? Who’s to say.)

2. Batman

Batman slaps Superman
Batman > Superman

Just look at this beautiful cover by Chip Zdarsky. (He has a newsletter––but who cares about his when you have ours, right?)

3. Cheers! Dolphins!

We’ve been busy. Shawn’s kids had a one-week vacation. Barry’s dealing with a million family happenings at once. Despite our busy schedule we still brought a new feature to You can now cheer on your friends. And you can be cheered by your friends. You’re welcome.


4. Footer Shmooter

The world’s most unheralded and award–winning doodler (MRSHAWNLIU) created a lovely footer:

Hello Footer
Am I the cutest footer there is?

5. What is Good Enough?

Firstly, it’s an LLC––a legal entity that we can hide behind such that people can’t sue us if, let’s say, they use but didn’t improve at their craft; or they read this newsletter and blame us for becoming dumber.

Secondly, it’s Barry and Shawn. We got together a couple of months ago to amuse ourselves by building a private family blog. Somehow that led to We don’t have another app in mind right now, and we’re not planning to turn this into a startup. Mostly we just meet up in the afternoon to work together for a couple of hours, trade jokes, and talk about all the amazing stuff lurking behind the greasy social sheen of the web, like these old ass video games on Internet Archive:

Whoop That Trick

6. In Conclusion

We’ll be back again soon, though. We’re excited to play around with this format and see where it leads. With Jason Kottke stepping away, we all need to chip in and create some content for this weird, wild web. We are doing our part, Internet friends!

Until next time, may you find your favorite sippin’ cream in your stocking.

Sippin' Cream Liquer
(That’s Barry’s hand)